Celebrate April Vacation With Us!

We have planned a week full of fun programs and activities for ALL members to get involved in. Members of all ages are welcome to participate in daily workouts, trivia games, and programs. 

Join us for a virtual Spirit Week to connect us from home. From Club Spirit Day to Dress to Impress, participate daily to mix it up and spread some smiles.

Participate throughout the week in programs and theme days  to earn special prizes. All days outlined in our schedule.

Here’s the schedule! Don’t miss out on any of the fun.

(Click the image for a larger view!)

How to Participate:
  –  Make sure you have filled out the Virtual Program Permission form for your member. 
  –  Links to participate in our virtual programs will be emailed out each morning to those who have completed this form. 
  –  Download the BlueJeans app (or join us on your desktop) to participate. This information will be included in the daily email.
  –  Members are encouraged to join how they feel most comfortable (turning on video is not mandatory!). 
  –  See you at the Virtual Clubhouse for April Vacation!