Congratulations, November Members of the Month!

Congratulations to our November Members of the Month for the 2019-2020 program year! Each month staff recognize 6 members of our drop-in program for their participation in programs, engagement in different areas of the Club and positive attitude & behavior. Learn more about them here!

A.C.E. Award – Achieving through Continuous Effort
Given to 1 member of any age each month for excelling in the priority outcome area of Healthy Lifestyles by showing good sportsmanship and a positive attitude while pushing themselves to try new things and make good choices.

Hayden D. earned the A.C.E. award for being an active member and persevering and stepping outside his comfort zone while participating in Flag Football League.

S.T.A.R. Award – Striving Towards Achieving Results
Given to 1 member of any age each month for excelling in the priority outcome area of Academic Success by participating in a variety of programs and activities while demonstrating a strong effort to better themselves academically.

Alide H. was names S.T.A.R. of the month for being a helpful, kind and respectful Club member. Alide is a positive influence and helper during Power Hour, the Club’s homework time.

G.R.E.A.T. Award – Generous, Respectful, Engaged, Accepting & Thoughtful
Given to 1 member of any age for excelling in the priority outcome area of Good Character & Leadership by showing a commitment to service learning through participation in service around the Club while also being a leader and making thoughtful, smart choices.

Jenna P. received our G.R.E.A.T. award for her willingness to jump in and lend a hand to her peers and Club staff. An active Keystone member, Jenna has been a consistent leadership presence at the Club.

Jr. Staff Member of the Month
Given to 1 member of the junior staff that leads by example and is a reliable role model during the time they work at the Club.  They go above and beyond their responsibilities and are a true example of teen leaders at the Club!

Brendan T. was honored for always checking in with Club staff on what needs to be done. Brendan has demonstrated strong communication skills and a desire to learn and improve as a Jr. Staff.

Member of the Month
Given to 1 member aged 8 to 12 for consistent attendance and participation in all three key priority outcome areas while also possessing a good attitude, showing respect for all, and being a leader at the Club.

Erik L. is the Member of the Month For being a good influence on other members. Erik is always understanding and productive, showing maturity and a willingness to try a variety of programs.

Teen of the Month
Given to 1 member aged 13 to 18 for taking on leadership roles in the Clubhouse, setting an example for all Club members while also being present at the Club and participating in programs in each of the three key priority outcome areas while at the Club!

Lianna O. is our Teen of the Month for being a good friend and a kind presence to her peers and other Club members. Leanna is a positive role model and is always respectful and helpful to staff.