COVID Response & Relief

For 56 years and through economic crises, tragedies, and natural disasters, James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn has been a constant in the lives of children, teenagers, and families in our community. Unfortunately, with extensive closures due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, our community is facing challenges unlike anything previously encountered. In this critical time, we remain committed to supporting our community’s kids and families, and we are ready to do more.

Responding to COVID-19

On a typical day, our Boys & Girls Club serves about 350 kids and teens at 5 locations. However, COVID-19 forced the closure of all of our sites. Still, the Club has played a critical role in our community, adapting and evolving to support our kids through these challenging circumstances.

  • A “Virtual Clubhouse” launched nearly overnight, allowing the kids to continue connecting with their positive adult mentors on the staff and engage in positive games and activities from their homes.
  • While many of our parents have lost their jobs, our staff team is providing regular delivery of groceries, at-home activities, and educational materials to the doorsteps of our most vulnerable families.
  • Staff members have been calling our members’ families at home so they can hear a familiar voice and have someone to talk to during this time. For kids who do not have cell phones, this was a lifeline for many.

Fundraising Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented fundraising challenges. Typically, we rely on a diverse revenue portfolio of government and foundation grants, individual and corporate donors, and facility rental fees. Unfortunately, in the interest of public health, we needed to suspend three of our critical fundraising events this past spring. Most recently, we have canceled our popular DL Maher Golf Tournament that was scheduled for late August.

Moving Forward

School closures, as well as the Club’s shutdown, though an appropriate measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, have left many families in a difficult situation. While schools have made an effort to deliver online lessons, for the youth we serve, family support and internet access are not guaranteed. The risk of academic backsliding is highly likely for our members. As we begin to reopen our doors in a limited and phased manner, we have a tremendous job ahead of us – to get our kids back on track to their great future. We will have to stem learning losses and make sure kids don’t slip through the cracks. For parents and families getting back on their feet, the Club will save them money when funds have never been tighter by providing a safe place for their children to go while they are working.

Will you stand with us to support our kids and their families?

On behalf of the youth, teens, and families we serve every day at McKeown Boys & Girls Club, we hope you will consider donating to support our relief efforts. These are uncharted times, and with your support, our service delivery methods will remain agile in the months ahead. Together, we can weather this storm, providing essential support for our community and the kids who need us most. Thank you!