George Whitfield Named 2018 PFC Joseph L. Drew Youth of the Year!

On Thursday, April 5, 2018 the James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn hosted their 54th Annual Awards Night. This event highlights members who have excelled over the 2017-2018 program year in the Club’s core program areas: academic success, good character & leadership, and healthy lifestyles. This year the Club honored 148 youth and teens for their dedication to the Club and their hard work in Club programs. Additionally the organization distributed $5,360 in scholarship funds in memory of distinguished Club alumni to ten Club seniors.

The night culminates in the naming of the 2018 PFC Joseph L. Drew Youth of the Year, our Club’s highest honor. George Whitfield was awarded this title. He proudly describes himself as a Club kid and says that “the Club has given me not just a place to go after school, or a place to do homework, but a home where I feel welcomed as member of a vibrant community of inspiring individuals.”

Exceptional teen Club members who were nominated for this year’s prestigious award include Colin Breslin, Matthew Cerullo, Lauren Harkins, Matthew Juko, Rory McDaniel, Kelly Nett, Nora Newman, Madison Vecchi and George Whitfield.

Scholarship Winners

2018 CPL Charles McMahon Memorial Scholarship Winners: Lauren Harkins, George Whitfield

2018 Alumni Association James McKeown Scholarship Winners: Hannah MacIntosh, George Whitfield

2018 Patrolman Jack Maguire Memorial Scholarship Winners: Rory McDaniel, Nora Newman, William Sullivan, Patrick Tighe

2018 Timothy Padulsky Memorial Scholarship Winner: Mo Sullivan

2018 Quinn Electric Scholarship Winners: Matthew Juko, Madison Vecchi