Social Recreation Programs

The Cup Song

Learn the Cup Song and challenge your family or a friend, virtually!

Cat’s Cradle

All you need to follow along and play cat’s cradle is some string or yarn. Try this classic game with a family member!

Folding Kondo Style

Tackle those overflowing draws and start organizing while you’re home! Impress your parents with this new skill.

Card Games

Now is a great time to learn some new card games. Check in with Bianca to learn how to play 3 games in this video!

Tooty-Ta Dance

Dance along and get moving with this fun dance!

5 Green & Speckled Frogs Song

Find you 5 frogs and sing along to one of our L.E.A.P. members’ favorites!

Tape Games

Check out these simple games to play at home with just a few supplies.  Keep your body and mind moving!

Balloon Tennis

Create your own tennis rackets out of recycled materials and use a balloon to play some indoor tennis!

Breakfast Making

Being able to be safe and know what you are doing in the kitchen is an important life skill. Check out how Dave makes his breakfast!