STEM Programs

Rain Gauges

April has been SUPER rainy – learn how to track how much rain we’ve been getting in this fun STEM activity!

Cloud Dough

Mix together some things you probably have in your house to make a fun dough. 

Penny Spinners

Create a penny spinner and add a little experiment to it! Does your spinner go long if your cardboard circle is bigger or smaller? Does moving where you put the penny change how it spins?  Design, Test, Redesign and Test to add little science to this fun project!

Cotton Ball Launchers

You’ll need two cardboard tubes, scissors, tape, a rubber band, scrap paper, and cotton balls or pompoms. Other helpful tools are a pencil, a paper clip, and decorating supplies. Follow along to make your own launcher & personalize it! Test it to see which angles work best for launching cotton balls the farthest, and show us your design!