Pot of Gold Weekly Winnings!

Thank you to all Club supporters who have taken a chance in our 2021-2022 Pot of Gold Raffle!  

There is a $1,000 prize up for grabs every Wednesday for 12 weeks. Then, on March 12, 2022 one lucky Club supporter will win the $20,000 grand prize!  You can purchase your chance at http://bit.ly/pograffle.

The drawings take place LIVE on the Club’s Facebook page and are also later uploaded to our YouTube Channel. You can follow along all season. Thanks for the support. Our Club kids are the real winners!


Week #1:  12/22/2021 – Ticket #1322, Noel Calixto Huertas

Week #2: 12/29/2021 – Ticket #1152, Sharon Marrama

Week #3: 1/5/2022 – Ticket #751, Lauren Coffey

Week #4: 1/12/2022 – Ticket #523, Mary Murray

BONUS PRIZE: 1/12/2022, Patriots Cornhole Boards – Ticket #1, Giselle Long

Week #5: 1/19/2022 – Ticket #224, Rick Metters & Maura Embler

Week #6: 1/26/2022 – Ticket #310, Colleen Moran

BONUS PRIZE: 1/26/2022, $100 in MA Lottery Scratch Tickets – Ticket #129, Donald Foley Jr.

Back to School Means Back to the Club!

Back to school means back to the Club! And we couldn’t be more excited to kick off a new program year. All details can be found on the Club’s website: https://bgcwoburn.org/what-we-do/main-clubhouse/.
The Club will be offering afterschool and enrichment opportunities for youth & teens ages 8-18. There are no drop-in opportunities at this time and registration is required for all programs and activities. To participate an updated membership form & $25 membership fee is required and will be sent once program registration is confirmed.