Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Try your luck at the Club’s annual Helicopter Golf Ball Drop!

At the 38th Annual Denis L. Maher Golf Tournament on Monday, August 26, 2019 a helicopter will drop hundreds of golf balls onto the course.  The balls closest to the pin will be the winners!

1st Prize:  $2,000

2nd Prize:  $500

3rd Prize:  $250

Furthest from the Hole Prize:  $250

BONUS PRIZES: Two golf ball numbers will be selected by Best Hole in One.com one week prior to the event and mailed to Jamie McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn in sealed security envelopes. We will pick up 9 golf balls that are in the hole or closest to the pin (finalists), and if either of the 2 numbers matches any of the 9 golf ball numbers, that person wins the $10,000.00 or $5000,00 as designated on the two envelopes.  The Bonus Prizes will be sent directly to the winner(s) by Best Hole in One.com.

Based on the sale of 500 golf balls, the odds of winning a Bonus prize is 1 in 500 which the ball number picked matches any of the 9 balls closest to the pin closest to the pin or in the hole, if your ball number matches one of the two numbers in the security envelopes, you win $10,000.00 or $5000.00

Two years ago, a friend of the Club won $10,000 in this bonus contest!

100% of proceeds from this raffle support out of school time programming for more than 1,700 youth & teens. Complete the form below to take a chance today!

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